Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a dealership account?

To set up a dealership account complete the dealers sign-up form. A CarsHQ sales representative will contact you.
Once your dealership account is created you will have access to the CarsHQ management center.

How much does it cost to sell a vehicle online?

Private-party ads cost $29 and are active for 30 days.

How can I edit my online ad?

Log in through the MyCarsHQ page, then click inventory.
From the inventory page you will be able to promote, modify, and delete an ad as well as create another ad.

Can I place more than one ad?

Yes. simply visit your inventory page and choose "Add Vehicle."

How can I ensure my uploaded images will work?

Before uploading images be sure they are saved according to our specifications.

1. Save images in RGB mode prior to uploading
2. Save images in jpg format prior to uploading
3. Only use letters, numbers, underscore, and hyphens in the file name. An example of a good file name would be "my_car-photo1.jpg". Some examples of bad file names would be "my car#1.jpg" or "don's car.jpg" or "mycar!.jpg"
4. We only accept photos submitted electronically
5. All uploaded images must be under 1MB in size
6. Optimal image size is 640px (w) x 480px (h) at 72 dpi

All images will be automatically adjusted for optimal image size, file size, and resolution.
Please do not submit photos with people in them

How do I upload images of my vehicle?

Once you have logged into your CarsHQ account you have one of two options.

1. If you have no current vehicles on the carsHQ site you will have to add a vehicle by clicking on the "Sell Your Vehicle" tab, then click "Start selling!" Go through the form and add your vehicle information. As you continue you will get to the "Upload Photos" page. You can upload your photos here.
2. If you already have a vehicle on the site you can either add a vehicle by repeating step 1, or you can click on the "Inventory" tab to access your inventory list then click the "Edit" link on an existing vehicle.
3. You can edit your vehicle information or your can click "Continue" to access the image upload form.
4. Add photos by clicking on the "Browse" button for each text field. Once you are done choosing your photos, click on "Upload Photos." Thumbnails of your images will show up below for you to delete or change the default photo for your vehicle.